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Treatment FAQs

Because the SCIZER hand-pieces function with a Contact Cooling Control that applies an anesthetic effect on the surface area being treated, patients can feel less pain during procedures allowing for maximum comfort and convenience during shorter treatment times while the practitioner conducts more effective procedures with stable MFSU capabilities.

Competitive results for fat tissue reduction within the subcutaneous layers of the body by the SCIZER will show over the course of 4-12 weeks months post treatment. During this period, patients may experience slight redness and swelling for a few hours as well as bruising and numbness on treated areas that should resolve within 1-2 weeks following procedure.

A device that can reduce a patient’s abdominal waist circumference between 2.5 cm and 8.0 cm in 3 months post treatment, MFSU-powered cartridges of the SCIZER heat adipocytes located within the subcutaneous tissue of the body, triggering a process of coagulative necrosis where macrophages process dead fat cells for natural disposal through the body’s metabolism.

Pain levels experienced by patients from different forms of HIFU treatment tend to vary, however with the contact cooling technology of the Scizer, pain levels are substantially reduced due to the numbing effect the hand-piece provides on the treatment area. The simple answer is NO, Scizer treatment does not hurt.

The Scizer makes other treatments within the market seem unnecessary due to the fast and convenient treatment provided by the simultaneous use of two applicators. An average treatment will take no longer than 20 minutes. Treatment lengths may vary based on the treatment area and what power levels is deemed comfortable for the patient.

As the Scizer is applying ultrasound energy 13mm under the surface of the skin, melting the fat deposits in the subcutaneous fat layer at heat levels of 65¡ÆC, temporary redness, mild bruising, minimal discomfort and swelling may occur. These symptoms are considered part of the process and not side effects. However, based on the fact that treatment lengths and power levels applied on each patient differentiates, the symptom signs may vary case by case.

The Scizer treatment is recommended for all candidates who have stubborn fat in their abdominal region and are looking for other methods of treatment other than undergoing surgery which requires anesthesia and incisions. As long as you have a fat layer of more than 1 inch or 2.5 cm, you are suitable to receive Scizer treatment. Implants and other medical conditions may be of an issue which your consultant will advise you about at your assessment.

Fat cells are permanently destroyed with a single Scizer treatment and an average of 2.5cm-8cm in abdominal waist circumference reduction is achieved. 12 weeks after each Scizer treatment you are applicable for an additional treatment considering that you still meet the requirements. How many treatments in total you wish to receive is determined based on the volume of your excess fat and your personal goals.

The technology behind Scizer treatments is the use of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound or HIFU energy which is emitted at a depth of 13mm under the surface of the skin. This ultrasound emission manipulates fat cells within the subcutaneous fat layer, in result triggering the process of coagulative necrosis development helping you achieve the body contouring improvement you have been waiting for.

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