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The First Steps To Your Ideal Size

Starting your journey to reach your true potential is as easy as scheduling a consultation
with a SCIZER specialist.


Consult with your physician to assess if the SCIZER treatment is right for you. Your physician will provide you with detailed advice and professional recommendations on how the procedure can yield the best results!

Customized For You

Diverse Body Profiles
After conducting a pinch test to identify areas with stubborn bulges, your doctor will carefully map out areas of the body that require the extra attention to achieve your ideal figure.
Dual Hand-Pieces
The SCIZER is equipped with dual hand-pieces capable of treating multiple areas of your body in simultaneous fashion. This allows your doctor to set customized treatment plans while also assuring comfort and effectiveness during procedures.
One Step At a Time
After your SCIZER treatment, your doctor will carefully recommend healthy changes to your daily regimen and how many additional treatments you will need depending on your clinical results expected in the coming weeks.

The Day
Of Treatment

For your convenience and comfort, there are no prior dietary or dress requirements for the SCIZER treatment.
The practitioner will immediately plan the treatment route and mark the regions using a grid template.
Treatment times range from as little as 15 to 20 minutes!

Time Efficient

Anesthesia Free

Enhanced Results

Treatment FAQs

Because the SCIZER hand-pieces function with a Contact Cooling Control that applies an anesthetic effect on the surface area being treated, patients can feel less pain during procedures allowing for maximum comfort and convenience during shorter treatment times while the practitioner conducts more effective procedures with stable MFSU capabilities.

Competitive results for fat tissue reduction within the subcutaneous layers of the body by the SCIZER will show over the course of 4-12 weeks months post treatment. During this period, patients may experience slight redness and swelling for a few hours as well as bruising and numbness on treated areas that should resolve within 1-2 weeks following procedure.

A device that can reduce a patient’s abdominal waist circumference between 2.5 cm and 8.0 cm in 3 months post treatment, MFSU-powered cartridges of the SCIZER heat adipocytes located within the subcutaneous tissue of the body, triggering a process of coagulative necrosis where macrophages process dead fat cells for natural disposal through the body’s metabolism.

Look Forward To Your Results!

After receiving your SCIZER treatment, there is no delay in returning to your daily routine. In addition, results are visible immediately following treatment which will gradually enhance over the course of 4-12 weeks. Side effects like swelling and redness typically resolve within 1-2 days following procedure.

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Customized Functions
Customized Procedures

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