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The Science
The Scizer

The SCIZER procedure is powered by the
technology and mechanism of MFSU or Micro
Focused Scanning Ultrasound. In addition, dual
hand-pieces are equipped with Uniform Scanning
and Contact Cooling Control technologies to
provide a solution for consumers seeking both
absolute and effective body contouring procedures.


MFSU technology heats adipocytes that undergo natural cell death and exit from the body for enhanced fat reduction and body contouring.

Fat Freezing During The Scizer Procedure

Even with exercise included in your daily regimen, stubborn fat cells are hard to shrink to your preference.

The theory behind the SCIZER is to heat adipocytes residing in your subcutaneous fat layer.

The disruption of fat cells in uniform fashion triggers a natural death and gradual exit from the body.

Over the course of 4 to 12 weeks, the adipose tissue volume undergoes significant reduction for enhanced body contouring.

SCIZER Treatment vs
Liposuction Surgery

  • Non-Invasive Procedure
  • Natural & Gradual Results
  • 15-20 minutes Procedure Time
  • No Downtime Required
  • No Anesthesia Required
  • No Prior Preparation Required
  • No Post Treatment Requirements
  • Minimal Adverse Events
  • Minimal Requirements to Receive Treatment
  • Incisions Required
  • Dramatic Size Reduction
  • 2-3 Hour Procedure Time
  • 10-20 Days Downtime Required
  • High Risk of Blood Clots
  • High Risk of Gallstones
  • High Risk of Abdominal Hernia
  • High Risk of Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Requirements to Receive Surgery

Liposuction is most commonly known as an invasive fat reduction procedure that triggers rapid changes to a patient’s body contour. In recent times, however, the introduction of cutting-edge technologies for fat reduction outcomes have now been deemed as safer, non-invasive alternatives to achieve both natural and gradual results. Such technologies that have undergone rigorous clinical studies are scientifically proven to be highly effective, safe, and convenient.

Sudden and drastic changes to the patient’s body may lead to a high risk of internal complications, making the patient adjust to new physiological systems and structures within a narrow period of time.

Thus, the pros and cons of receiving liposuction consists of a long list of unnecessary risks for the patient to achieve body contouring outcomes. Seeking both safer and more effective alternatives complemented by comfort and convenience during treatments, the SCIZER delivers the scientific solution for fat reduction.

The World’s First Medical Device With Dual Hand-Pieces For Fat Reduction

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